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Core assignments

VIVEL has 7 core missions

As a network organisation, VIVEL contributes to the delivery of accessible quality care and support in Flanders and Brussels.We believe that close cooperation between all care stakeholders is necessary to ensure better health and welfare for each citizen and to ensure the optimum delivery of help and support to people with care and support needs.Cooperation as part of a closely knit network of care and support centred around the individual with care and support needs has the potential to improve that person’s individual welfare and their physical and mental health. Which is why VIVEL fosters participatory and cross-sectoral cooperation.VIVEL is a joint initiative of:• care and welfare institutions;• representatives of patients, users and informal caregivers;• centres of expertise;• local authorities.Alongside these initiators, VIVEL works closely with many other partners, depending on the context.
Our basic principles:• involving all possible stakeholders;• cross-sectoral cooperation based on equality and with respect for every care provider;• strengthening the dynamics in local communities and neighbourhoods;• harnessing evidence-based expertise, combined with the expertise of local policy-makers, (health) care workers, informal caregivers and people with care and support needs;• keeping abreast of foreign examples and seeking interaction with foreign organisations which support care providers.



VIVEL has 6 core remits:VIVEL is a flexible network organisation with a small professional staff. We work with the people on the ground through project groups.The support of the care boards and their staff is currently VIVEL’s principal remit.The gathering and disclosure of information and data, to be actively made available to all care providers.In order to be able to conduct sound policies that are based on people’s real needs and requirements in the primary care zones, the care boards require solid, usable data. VIVEL is looking to make these data available using a clear and easy reference dashboard.The development of evidence-based strategies, methodologies and implementation tools in support (of the organisation) of primary care delivery.VIVEL sets out to find good practices, rounds them up and makes them available to the care boards in digital form. This enables care boards to learn from one another and share good practices between themselves. This information is largely collated via learning networks. With the integration of the Vlaams Expertisepunt Mantelzorg (Flemish Expertise Point for Informal Care), we also collate methodologies and tools for informal caregivers.Advice, coaching, training and raising awareness.VIVEL provides tailored support with practical advice, coaching guidance and training. The other remits equally contribute to these activities. The interaction and cooperation with the care boards is key: the needs, developments and solutions alike are locally aligned.Fostering innovation.VIVEL is the first organisation to bring together such a wealth of know-how and expertise from the care and welfare sectors. This is innovative in itself. In due course, the plan is to make all information available to all care providers across a new platform. At its launch, this platform will only have a series of basic features, yet our ambition is to develop this interactive tool into a digital information beacon for everything touching on primary care.Creating and following up on the accessibility and quality of primary care in Flanders.Operating in tandem with the Vlaams Instituut voor Kwaliteitszorg (VIKZ) (Flemish Institute for Quality Care), VIVEL is working on quality primary care indicators. As a first step, we are in the process of devising a basic framework with a clear vision, strategy and methodology.Advising the Flemish GovernmentIn the first place, this advisory function chiefly focuses on flagging up needs and sharing practical experiences from the primary care zones. This remit is set to broaden in times to come. VIVEL acts as the link between the needs, experiences and good practices of the primary care sector and the government, which establishes the regulatory framework.



Advising the Flemish government
Initially, this advisory function focuses mainly on identifying needs and sharing practical experiences from front-line areas. VIVEL forms the link between the needs, experiences and good practices of primary care and the government, which creates the regulatory framework. The Flemish Community and primary care advise and support when health crisis response measures are implemented.


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