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About VIVEL!

VIVEL is the Flemish Institute for the Primary Care recognized and funded by the Flemish government as a partner organization for the Primary Care since May 1, 2019. At the Flemish level, VIVEL is the central point of contact and platform for the dialogue of first-line actors with the government and with each other.

VIVEL brings together primary care health and welfare actors, care boards, representatives of Persons with Care and Support Needs, informal caregivers, local governments, centers of knowledge and expertise, and hospitals.

VIVEL adopts a proactive approach and acts in appropriate response to developments in the care and welfare sectors. VIVEL acts in support of the care boards and the care providers to enable them to efficiently and purposively tend to the needs of vulnerable people and those around them.

 In addition, VIVEL offers strategic advice to the Flemish and Brussels authorities to ensure an optimum primary care policy.

Mission & Vision

VIVEL strives to ensure that everyone, as an individual or as a population, can live a quality life in an environment that is familiar to them, where they receive the care and support they need, to which they are entitled, and which they themselves help shape. This requires good cooperation within a strong Primary Care. Making this possible is the reason for VIVEL's existence.


The familiar environment where you live, live, sometimes work, eat, enjoy and sleep. Where you are surrounded and seen. And where sometimes you are or become ill or needy.

This benefits both the recipients and providers of care and support: the people around you, or general practitioners, pharmacists, psychologists, family care, social workers, home nurses, physiotherapists, and countless others who give their best in what is called the primary care. Even if it means you sometimes need to be referred elsewhere as necessary. Or that it is initially necessary for some to find and create a familiar home.

In general, it is good for society if each and everyone is served as much and as safely and closely as possible at home with consideration for everyone's ability to pay. After all, this improves the health and well-being of all of us, and makes our entire system more efficient and affordable.

Home is where it all starts. Hence, VIVEL says: THE FUTURE IS HOME.


The best care and support comes when people work together. It starts with you, the patient or client, who knows best what you want or can do, yourself or with your trusted people around you, or whether or not you need additional help. And if so, which and from whom?

What is always important in this is collaboration. That everyone, from the patient/client, to the family caregivers and all the professionals and organizations around them, talk to each other, know what the needs and wants are, and make each other smarter and stronger.


Together is how it all works tomorrow. That's why VIVEL says: THE FUTURE IS TOGETHER

Training & peer review

Training VIVEL Academy

Discover the learning platform of and for primary care. Here you will find trainings tailored to your needs, handy toolboxes in which we offer tools, methodologies and relevant information.

Explore training offerings at 


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Views Governing Body

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12-point plan

Based on their experiences during the past few months, VIVEL's governing body formulated a 12-point plan for a strong primary line that can maximize its competencies for the population during the COVID-19 epidemic and after.


Ukraine file

Ukraine dossier: read the position paper care and welfare of the governing body VIVEL


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VIVEL Policy Plan 2024-2029

The future is home. The future is together.


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