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Here you will find an overview of all relevant topics of VIVEL.

Deze zomer bieden we drie unieke cursussen aan, ontworpen om je vaardigheden te vergroten. De VIVEL Academie Summerschool - gericht leren op jouw maat en tempo!
Purposeful care shifts the approach from disease- and problem-focused care to care that starts from the person with a care and support need (PZON) and what life goals are important, what is important to him/her
A care council is the structure created by the primary care decree that works within its area of operation (the primary care zone) to organize primary care and support primary care providers.
Federal Government strengthens provision of psychological care nationwide
The Person and Their Environment (family caregivers and other loved ones) is at the center of primary care.
The Flemish Expertise Point for Informal Care, part of VIVEL, coordinates the new Flemish Informal Care Plan and communication.
In the context of a more integrated healthcare landscape and the closer involvement of primary care in preventive health policy, VIVEL carries out a number of tasks with regard to prevention, in which VIVEL always works with