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Person and His Environment

The person and his environment

The Person and Their Environment (family caregivers and other loved ones) is at the center of primary care. 

What can you do as an organization to focus on the Person and His Environment?

Are you wondering how you can best involve the Person and their Environment in your team or organization? Are you looking for specific methodologies on how to get them to participate? The Person and Their Environment toolbox is what you're looking for! You will find knowledge clips, handles and tools to get started. This is now available online at the VIVEL Academy.

You do need to register once at the VIVEL Academy.

What does VIVEL do with the Person and their Environment?

The Person and His Environment is central to VIVEL.

In addition to a toolbox, VIVEL also developed a manual to realize the participation of Person and His Environment in your organization.

This manual is primarily intended for care councils, but as a care and welfare organization you can also use it to focus on the Person and His Environment. Please note, in order to gain access to the toolbox, knowledge clips and manual, you must register at VIVEL Academy and register once in your organisation.

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