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Who and what

What do we do & for whom

What do we do?

As a network organisation, VIVEL contributes to the delivery of accessible quality care and support in Flanders and Brussels.

We believe that close cooperation between all care stakeholders is necessary to ensure better health and welfare for each citizen and to ensure the optimum delivery of help and support to people with care and support needs.

Cooperation as part of a closely knit network of care and support centred around the individual with care and support needs has the potential to improve that person’s individual welfare and their physical and mental health. Which is why VIVEL fosters participatory and cross-sectoral cooperation.

VIVEL is a joint initiative of:

  • care and welfare institutions;
  • representatives of patients, users and informal caregivers;
  • centres of expertise;
  • local authorities.

Alongside these initiators, VIVEL works closely with many other partners, depending on the context.

Who are we doing it for?

VIVEL acts to support broad-based primary care in the healthcare and welfare sectors.

We support all formal and informal care providers, the care boards and the (future) regional care platforms. We work to support cooperation between the various primary care stakeholders, providing them with tools to improve the welfare and physical and mental health of the population in their region as a whole, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable groups.

The Quintuple Aim

At VIVEL, we use the Quintuple Aim as the touchstone for all our strategies and decisions. This is one based on the Quadruple Aim