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At VIVEL, we use the Quintuple Aim as the touchstone for all our strategies and decisions.

Based on the Quadruple Aim, VIVEL is deploying a 5th pillar, namely the pillar that focuses on social justice and inclusion. After all, it is important to adapt actions and strategies to specific target groups. This is also called proportional universalism; to achieve the same effect with different target groups with the same actions, you have to use different strategies. A concrete example is the vaccination strategy. In order to obtain a vaccination coverage of more than 70%, you have to divide the global population into different target groups that you approach in a different way: the elderly, young people, people in institutions, people who are bedridden, people who are still in doubt, people who find it difficult to read and understand a text, people who are less digitally skilled or not at all … if you don’t do this, you run the risk of not reaching a part of the population. 

These five pillars form our compass.  

The intention? To organise more effective and efficient care with the resources deployed, to tackle problems at population level, to contribute to social cohesion, a more satisfied person and informal carer and care providers who perform their job with satisfaction. Five objectives that must be pursued simultaneously. And it is not without reason that VIVEL does this. VIVEL also has a strategic and innovative mission and follows international developments. Moreover, the underlying choices and values of the Quintuple Aim are part of our mission.