VIVEL VZW – Term of use for the VIVEL digital platform

Date of last update: 23/07/2021

1. Definitions and identification

The present terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use“) of the digital platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform“) of the Vlaams Instituut Voor De Eerste Lijn vzw (Flemish Institute for Primary Care not-for-profit organisation), with registered office at 76 Lakensestraat in 1000 Brussels, company number 0720.947.550 (hereinafter referred to as “VIVEL”, “we/we“, “us/our“) applies to all users of the Platform (hereinafter referred to as the “User(s)”, “you” or “your“).

The identification of authorised Users of the Platform and the roles/privileges in this regard are further clarified in the following document mapping_rollen_teams_digitaalplatformwhich is also an integral part of the present Terms of Use.

2. Context and compliance with Terms of Use

The Platform, as explained in Title 3, can play a particularly reinforcing role in the fast sharing of information and the opening of dialogue on particular topics. Because of the open nature and vastness of the Platform, the present Terms of Use are intended to lay down the terms and conditions governing the use of the Platform in light of its general Goals (as defined in Title 3), as well as the authorised access to the Platform, the Content provided on the Platform (as defined in Title 4), the style used on the Platform, and the sharing of data/information/content within the context of the Platform.

In any case, all Platform Users fully accept and agree to the present Terms of Use through the sheer fact of using the Platform.

Without prejudice to VIVEL’s right to impose specific sanctions or measures on the User(s) concerned (e.g. denial or restriction of access to the Platform) and without prejudice to VIVEL’s right to claim compensation or to exercise all and any other legal remedies for non-compliance with the present Terms of Use, VIVEL reserves the right to remove, without prior notice, any Content which it reasonably believes to be non-compliant in any shape or form with any other provisions set out in the present Terms of Use.

3. General goals of the digital platform

With the Platform, VIVEL aims to provide a future-proof, dynamic, agile and flexible digital platform which fits in with the following general goals pursued by VIVEL (hereinafter referred to as the “Goals“):

  • To share know-how and expertise in the field of welfare, health, health promotion and prevention;
  • To foster dialogue between primary care stakeholders;
  •  To promote cooperation;
  •  To support the care boards.

As such, Users are therefore allowed to use the Platform in consideration of the above Goals.

4. Specific provisions regarding the use of the Platform

4.1. Content

In principle, all information, including albeit not limited to texts and/or images (hereinafter referred to as the “Content“), which contributes to the Goals may be posted on the Platform, insofar as and to the extent that this is not restricted by applicable copyrights.

However, each User is required to observe the following terms and conditions in respect of said Content:

  • Texts or images that contain any kind of reasonably sensitive information about other Users, employees, directors, people with care and support needs (hereinafter referred to as the “PCSNs”) or organisations involved should not be posted on the Platform or shared. In any case, the exchange of such sensitive information/Content should be done through a one-to-one contact or through a closed Teams channel and only in encrypted documents.
  • The Platform may not be used in any shape or form for Content that is knowingly detrimental, in any way, to the reputation of other Users, employees, directors, PCSNs, organisations involved or any other third parties.
  • Content which results or could reasonably result in an attack on the dignity, honour, good reputation, mental or physical integrity of other Users, employees, directors, PCSNs or any other third parties is not permitted.

4.2. Style

Without prejudice to the other terms and conditions set out in the present Terms of Use, Users must at all times observe the general style rules as detailed below when using the Platform:

  • Communicate in a respectful manner;
  • Communicate as clearly as possible;
  • Also observe your professional privilege (confidentiality) and arrangements within your organisation or board on the Platform;
  • Always make it clear whether you are speaking in your own name or on behalf of a group/board/etc.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions and use a ‘like’ to indicate that the question asked by a colleague is also your question.

4.3. Restrictions on sharing content on the Platform

By posting content on this Platform, you consent for these data to be shared within the Platform. However, you are free to expressly specify at all times when posting content that said content may not be shared, by adding a copyright mention or the words ‘not for publication’.

The information shared on the Platform

  • Must always include the correct source attribution of the copyright owner.
  • May be shared for non-commercial use only.
  • May not contain sensitive information.

4.4. Accessibility

Members of a team whose role is that of owner may add or delete Users. They may also (temporarily) add Guest Users to the team.

Adding or removing Users or Guest Users is the sole responsibility of the owner. In doing so, at all times the owner is to consider the role and the assignment of the person concerned.

5. Limitation of liability

Liability for Content on the Platform and for any unauthorised or otherwise unlawful use of the Platform rests solely with the User(s) concerned and their team. Insofar as and to the extent permitted by law, the following parties waive all and any liability for the use detailed in the above sentence:

  • VIVEL;
  • Techne BVBA, with registered office at 54 Gasthuisstraat in 1760 Roosdaal, company number 0876.224.952.

6. Amendments

We may update the present Terms of Use from time to time in order to reflect business, legal or technical developments. In all cases, the date of the latest amendment can be found at the top of the present Terms of Use. When we update our Terms of Use, we shall take appropriate steps to inform you or seek your consent, depending on the significance of the changes and applicable legal requirements in this regard.

7. VIVEL platform

Below please find a list of all communication and cooperation channels available within the VIVEL platform.

8. Contact

If you have any questions regarding the present Terms of Use, please contact us at